The Allender Center’s team is led by a core group of individuals who are committed to our mission and passionate about bringing healing and restoration to a hurting world. The Allender Center was founded in 2011 by Dr. Dan Allender, Becky Allender, MA, and Cathy Loerzel, MA. They were soon joined by a group of therapists and pastors who built and designed our training certificate curriculum and program. Since its founding, The Allender Center’s team has grown to include four tiers of leadership: Executive & Administrative Staff, Teaching Staff, Training Team, and Fellows.

Executive, Administrative, and Teaching Staff

Our Executive and Administrative leadership team runs the strategic and programmatic elements of The Allender Center. They oversee the day-in, day-out operations for our programs and trainings, and are also tasked with stewarding the future and vision of The Allender Center.

The Teaching Staff are a group of people who have been working with Dr. Dan Allender and The Allender Center from its inception and before. Our Teaching Staff are a group of experts in the fields of theology and psychology who shape our curriculum and train, teach, supervise, and facilitate those participating in our programs.

Facilitator Team

Our facilitator team is comprised of Fellows, Core Facilitators, and Training & Pastoral Care Team members. This is a group of gifted therapists, pastors, and teachers who play an integral part of embodying our mission through facilitating groups, teaching, and writing. Fellows participate in our work for 1-2 years to further their facilitation skills and then transition to either a Training Team or Core Facilitator role. These professionals have extensive training and experience with the Allender Theory and act as lead facilitators in our Story Workshop, Story Groups, Recovery Weeks, and Training Certificates.

Core Facilitators

Mary Jane Apple, LMHC
Linda Busse
Kellay Chapman
Jon DeWaal, MDiv
Lisa Fann, LMHC
Scott Gibson
Jan Meyers Proett, MA
Paul Randall
Bethany Robbins
Linda Royster, LPC
Laura Wade Shirley, LMHC
Jay Stringer, LMHC
Matt Tiemeyer, LMHC
Lynn Winn