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Online courses at The Allender Center provide transformative teaching and invite story engagement at a deeper level. Through a dynamic video platform and exercises designed to help integrate the material, experience personal healing and growth wherever you find yourself and at your own pace.

Join us as we launch our first ground breaking course, Healing the Wounded Heart.

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Healing the Wounded Heart

Harm and heartache are an inevitable part of the human experience. We try to recover and move on as best we can, but all too often we lack the tools to know what to do with our wounds, and the trauma leaves a lasting mark on our body, mind, emotions, and relationships. Our attempts to heal and protect ourselves from future pain can leave us even more broken and disconnected, with defensive structures that further bind us to the trauma and separate us from the true delight of living in relationship with others and God.

The Healing the Wounded Heart online course, taught by Dr. Dan Allender is designed to deepen your understanding of the complex issues related to trauma, especially sexual harm. Whether you are a victim of abuse, a professional caregiver, or a friend, parent, or partner of someone who has been abused—everyone needs to address the heartache of sexual harm and grow in the hope that it does not have the final word. Healing is possible, and when lived out well, it is profound.

Course Features

This is a self-directed course, with all videos and content available immediately upon enrollment to view and engage at a pace that fits your schedule. It includes nine lessons, each complete with video segments totaling about 45 minutes of teaching followed by thoughtful journal and reflection questions. Our recommendation is to go through approximately one lesson per week, and plan for a minimum of 2-3 hours to complete each lesson — in one sitting or spread out over several days — to provide the optimum space and time to absorb the content and fully engage the journal reflection prompts.

Throughout each lesson, this course invites you to name the impact and internal war of abuse with greater clarity and to walk the path of healing. We will explore:

  • the impact of trauma on the body and mind
  • family systems that can set us up for sexual abuse
  • subtle forms of harm that intensify the damage
  • the role of evil in the act of abuse
  • the influence of past harm on our adult relationships
  • the internal world of shame and dissociation that inevitably results from abuse

View the entire course teaching outline here.

In addition to teaching on these core subjects, Dr. Allender invites a group of courageous women and men to join him in interviews throughout the course to share their own stories of abuse and healing as a window into the hidden world of the survivor’s heart. Their stories invite us to consider how subtle harm sets us up to be groomed, the role of shame in addictions, the forms of denial we use to minimize shame, the ways past harm is reenacted in the present, and how growth and freedom occur. These men and women offer their stories to help you engage your own.

To better help you incorporate the teaching and stories into your own work of healing, each lesson also includes reflection and journal exercises intended to help you explore your story and participate in a process of redemption that leads to greater freedom, power, and joy. Together, we will move toward a deeper understanding of the impact of abuse on your life and begin to address the soul work that will lead you down your own unique healing path.

Course Materials

There are no required materials for the course. Once enrolled, you will have access to a printable Course Journal full of reflection prompts and journal questions that correspond with each lesson.

Dr. Dan Allender’s book, Healing the Wounded Heart, is an optional text to consider reading during or after you complete the online course. The material in the book will support your overall learning about the impact of sexual abuse, but it is not a required text to participate in the online course and no specific chapters are assigned to the lessons.

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