Petra Malekzadeh


Petra firmly believes that healing and redemption are found where people can make sense of their unique stories in the context of God’s greater story. This is what ultimately opens the door to embracing one’s own calling with increased clarity, capacity and courage. Having been a lay leader in Christian ministry for most of her life, Petra has long been drawn to the transformative power of small groups in inviting people to become what they are most meant to be. She loves to utilize the group experience to spark curiosity, to invite authenticity and to kindle desires that lead to a more resilient hope.

Petra has had a career in the corporate world and has been a self-employed artist and small business owner for over a decade.  She has 20+ years of experience as a lay counselor and leading small groups in various ministry contexts. Petra currently works with a Seattle church where she leads story groups and supports and trains small group leaders and key volunteers. Petra has completed The Allender Center’s Training Certificate Level 1 (now called Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Therapy Level 1) and Externship Program and is thrilled to be a part of The Allender Center’s Fellowship Program.