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Dear Friends,

One day during a Recovery Week, a participant stopped me in the hallway and said that, prior to that week, she would have said she had a happy family and only minor abuse in her life. “After years of therapy, long-term group involvement, and following Jesus for decades, no one has read my story and asked me to name the depths of the harm I endured in my home,” she said. “I don’t know at the moment whether to thank you or hit you.” Thankfully, her face was warm and her words bore the light of gratitude.

We ask people to enter the valley of the shadow of death related to their past abuse and family heartache. The invitation is alien and despised. We fear if we enter those waters we will not survive or we will turn bitter and unloving.

The fact is that the more we enter death, the more we can know joy in the life of the resurrection. It is counterintuitive and yet, frankly, it is profoundly biblical. But it is for many a hard sale.

We need allies who understand and bless the radical call we extend to know freedom and joy. We are in the business of turning ashes to joy, self-absorption to praise, and contempt to blessing. We need you to join this movement of truth-telling, heart-connecting, and vision-birthing for those who know the deep heartache of living in a fallen world. We need your prayer and financial care to invite a whole new generation to the life-giving paradox of living the death and resurrection of Jesus as their story. As we commit to this sacred work, please consider giving to The Allender Center—truly, we cannot do this work without you.

Signature_Dan AllenderDr. Dan B. Allender

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The Gospel is God’s story of redemption for the world, and yet its healing touch so often eludes those who need it most. For over thirty years Dr. Dan Allender has helped people to build bridges between the story of the Gospel and the stories of harm that have marked their lives. The Allender Center was established to ensure that Dan’s impact continues well into the future by facilitating experiences that offer lasting change and by training leaders and professionals to carry the sacred work of restoration into their communities.

Your partnerships with The Allender Center emboldens our mission and fosters the work of healing and redemption in individuals, families, and communities.

Sustain our mission by making a financial gift

The Allender Center is an organization housed within The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. The Seattle School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the generous gifts of individuals fuel our work making up 30% of our annual operating costs. All contributions are tax deductible.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with us financially, please contact Elliot Huemann, Advancement Assistant via phone (206 876.6115) or email ( We would love to hear your story and to dream together about how we may be able to collaborate in this important, healing work.

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