Sonia Lee, M.Div.


Sonia’s passion for trauma care was forged in the fire of heartbreak many years ago. As Sonia
began the healing work of exploring and grieving her wounded childhood stories, she slowly
began to find more of herself in a sacred, numinous, and gentle movement of rebirth carefully
weaving new life from death.

Sonia is a fierce supporter and ally of women and is passionate about empowering all
individuals to explore their stories in an embodied way so as to transcend the shadows of their
tragedies, climb out of their pits, and find their way through their dark valleys. Her experience is
that this embodied and kind exploration can become a portal to a deeper experience of the
Divine, and into a sublime expansion of humanity, love, beauty, and compassion for self and
others. Themes close to Sonia’s heart include grief, sexual trauma, spiritual abuse, and racial

Sonia is a trauma care practitioner, story coach, writer, and spiritual companion. She has over
12 years of experience serving trauma survivors, as well as years of experience in speaking,
training, and coaching leaders in churches and other organizations on trauma awareness and
trauma care.
Sonia holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Dallas Baptist University, an M.Div. from
Mercer University in Atlanta, and a four-year concentration in Narrative Focused Trauma Care
from the Allender Center. Sonia is also trained in trauma sensitive yoga and other somatic and
contemplative approaches to trauma healing.

Sonia is granddaughter of Chinese and Spanish immigrants, and she is the mother of three
delightful and tender souls. You can learn more about Sonia’s story and her offerings at