Marriage Offerings from the Allender Center

Do you long to grow intimacy and understanding in your relationship but don’t know where to start? Are you spending more time together but finding you have less connection with each other? The Allender Center is excited to announce brand new offerings to deepen intimacy and enrich your relationship – whether you’re in a committed relationship, dating, or have been married for several years. Give yourself and your partner the gift of connection and hope in this season.


Marriage Enrichment Retreat

The Marriage Retreat from The Allender Center is more than a breathtaking vacation getaway to escape the realities of your day-to-day lives. This weekend is an invitation to step into an intentional space where you will deepen your connection to one another. You and your spouse will have the opportunity to share your stories with one another in new ways, listen with a fresh perspective, and return home with tools that will help you engage with one another with more honor and delight.

Through skillful teaching and guided activities led by Dr. Dan Allender, Becky Allender, Dr. Steve Call and Lisa Call, you and your spouse will focus on your own relationship in an interactive experience centered on each other (no small groups here).

May 3-5, 2024 | Seattle, Washington



Marriage Online Courses

Discover how your individual stories have shaped your relationship’s story and find inspiration and hope for the future. Featuring 8 lessons of engagement and teaching from Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Steve Call, this course is for couples and individuals who want to gain insight and tools to engage their story, understand the roots of conflict and communication patterns, and cultivate deep and lasting intimacy.
Marriage Online Course: $299 | Available Now


The Mini Marriage Course is a streamlined course that gives you an opportunity to explore fundamental concepts in your marriage.  It can be completed in just four hours and includes core teaching from Dr. Dan Allender on God’s design for marriage through the matrix of Genesis 2:24 (leaving, weaving, and cleaving).
Marriage Online Course – Mini: $149 | Available Now


Marriage Conference

The Marriage Conference invites you to candidly engage the inherent joys and struggles of marriage and relationships through the categories of communication, conflict, dreams and demands, family ties, forgiveness, and sex.

Join Dr. Dan B. Allender and Becky Allender, co-founders of the Allender Center, and Dr. Steve Call and Lisa Call, co-founders of The Reconnect Institute, to explore God’s design for marriage through the matrix of Genesis 2:24 (leaving, weaving, and cleaving). You’ll be invited into a place of newfound awareness and ability to engage conflict and desire, both as an individual and as a couple.

The Marriage Conference from the Allender Center is more than just a conference. It is an experience where you can move the conversation beyond techniques and “how-to’s” to begin to create a stronger relationship marked by kindness, care, and courage.


Marriage Story Intensive with Reconnect Institute

Join Dr. Dan and Becky Allender and Dr. Steve and Lisa Call for a unique 3-day Marriage Story Intensive offering couples the opportunity to explore relational patterns that disrupt connection and grow in greater intimacy and connection. This event is in partnership with The Reconnect Institute; space is limited to 8 couples.

March 8-10, 2024 | Ferndale, Washington
July 12-14, 2024 | Ferndale, Washington



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