Racial Trauma & Healing

“Racial trauma is a collective phenomena in that racism has left a mark on each of us that continues to bear itself intergenerationally, which reflects both the longevity and the collective-ness of the trauma to us as a country.” -Wendell Moss, Lead Instructor at the Allender Center

Racial Trauma & Healing offerings from the Allender Center invite you to learn, process, and articulate the personal and collective stories of trauma you have endured, particularly as someone within a racially-traumatized community living within dominant cultural norms. These are sacred spaces of learning and healing created specifically for, and led by, members of the BIPOC community.

Racial Trauma & Healing Free Video Series

Featuring three short conversations between Linda Royster, Wendell Moss, and Sam Lee, this series is for those living within racially-traumatized communities.

Through this free video series, you’ll learn about the impacts of trauma, how trauma affects not only the individual but the collective, and how you can move toward healing to step into who God has called you to be.


Story Workshop for Racial Trauma & Healing

The Allender Center’s core belief is that we are best known—and our stories are best seen—in the company of others. This Story Workshop is a profound event that invites you deeply into the themes of your life, particularly as a Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color experiencing collective and personal stories of trauma living within dominant cultural norms. In the context of a supportive and facilitated environment through teaching and group work, you will receive encouragement and wisdom as you seek to understand, write, tell, and live your story in deeper and more transformative ways.


Women’s Recovery Week with a Focus on Racial Trauma & Healing

Recovery Week is a holistic experience designed to create a relational, healing space for survivors to explore and engage the present impact of their stories of past sexual abuse. This Women’s Recovery Week provides a focus on Racial Trauma and Healing as a lens through which to examine stories of harm through the unique cultural and societal perspectives of women who may hold shared experiences. This workshop is both designed for, and led by, Women of Color. This Recovery Week is intentionally small, limited to 10 participants.


Racial Trauma & Healing Conference

Led by Allender Center staff members Linda Royster, Wendell Moss, and Sam Lee, the Racial Trauma & Healing Conference is an offering to racially-traumatized communities to enter into the work of healing. This healing can empower you to participate in the healing of others in your family, in your community, and in generations to come.



Not sure which option is the best path for you? Share your questions or request a phone call by emailing support@theallendercenter.org.