Esperansita Bejnarowicz


Esperansita is a Life and Story Coach. Combining her 24yrs+ experience in Corporate America with Life Coaching and Narrative Focused Trauma Care (NFTC), she creates safe spaces for people to share their story, find hope and healing, and discover life-giving transformation.Through both Story Work and the community at The Allender Center, Esperansita was able to enter her past with honor and truth. Story by story, the harmful coping mechanisms and negative self-talk, turned into patterns of honor and care for her body, heart, and soul. After leaving Corporate America in 2022, she now dedicates her time to helping others do the same through her work at The People Well. As a bi-racial, daughter of an immigrant and adult PK (Pastor’s kid), Esperansita holds a special place for BIPOC, Adult TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and Ministry communities.

Esperansita holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and Master of Science in Administration for International Business, is a Life Coach graduate from Coach U, Inc, and has completed the Allender Center’s Certificate in NFTC Level I, II & III. She is honored to be a part of the Allender Center Fellowship Program, where she facilitates groups for NFTC Level I and Story Workshop offerings.