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Story Sage Series

Walking with wisdom through the terrain of the heart

Learn the frameworks and tools you need to care for others that guides them towards true healing and lasting change.

Rachael Clinton Dan Allender Cathy Loerzel

"I believe story invites us into matters of the heart. There is an art to engaging story. We’ve designed this course to pull back the curtain and break down the method I’ve been honing for over 40 years into tangible techniques." — Dr. Dan Allender

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Story Sage Series Includes

Course 1: Frameworks & Tools

  • 2.5 hours of video teaching from Dr. Dan Allender, Cathy Loerzel, and Rachael Clinton
  • 3 foundational lessons diving deep into the Allender Theory
  • Rare access to footage of Dan reading a story from his life with prompts for in-depth engagement
  • Downloadable workbook with reflection prompts and exercises designed to support you as you apply theory to practice
  • Lifetime access to course platform and material
  • This course is a prerequisite for all the courses in the Story Sage Series, and may be purchased individually or in the Story Sage Series bundle with Family of Origin (Course 2)

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Course 2: Family of Origin

  • 5 hours of video teaching from Dr. Dan Allender, Cathy Loerzel, and Rachael Clinton
  • Witness Dan engage in artful story work with a woman wrestling through an experience from her past
  • 5 deep dive lessons addressing core categories for engaging family of origin stories
  • Downloadable workbook with exercises and reflection prompts to deepen your understanding and application of the content
  • Lifetime access to course platform and material
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Who is this for?

Whether you are a counselor, pastor, teacher, small group leader, friend, or parent — this course gives you the wisdom required to access the heart of a person’s story, and the heart of the person telling it.

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What You Will Learn

Frameworks & Tools

Frameworks & Tools is a three-lesson course designed to unpack the core of the Narrative Focused Trauma Care model for navigating the complex terrain of the heart with wisdom and insight.

Dan Allender, Cathy Loerzel, and Rachael Clinton teach in-depth on the tools needed to uncover the shadowed places of the heart that act as strongholds to keep us from true freedom and joy in our life and relationships. You will be invited to reflect on how your own story shapes the way you hear, see, and offer space in the stories of others. Apply learnings through a guided story engagement exercise that identifies the essential steps to offering thoughtful care.

Dan Allender Rachael Clinton Cathy Loerzel story sage

Lesson 1

The Topography of a Story

Dan Allender story sage

Lesson 2

Reading the Map

Rachael Clinton Cathy Loerzel story sage

Lesson 3

Moving Through the Terrain

Family of Origin

Family of Origin is a five-lesson course to sharpen your skills in identifying the impact of a family narrative and its highly complex influence on past and current struggles. These stories are so tender, so sacred — they often evoke fear, defensiveness, and dissociation and require artful care to reveal and address.

You will have the opportunity to witness Dan engage in artful, sacred story work with a woman wrestling through a past experience of harm from her family of origin narrative.Dan, Cathy, and Rachael offer thoughtful teaching on what is required to see the nuances of a story in order to move the storyteller toward discovery, honesty, grief, and lasting change.

story sage Dan Allender

Lesson 1

Traversing the Minefield of Family of Origin

Story sage

Lesson 2

Clarify & Invite: Letting the Story Unfold

Dan Allender

Lesson 3

Engage & Expand: Naming Themes

Rachael Clinton Cathy Loerzel

Lesson 4

Expose & Ponder: Revealing Implications

Dan Allender

Lesson 5

The Road Ahead

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