Effective Trauma Care Online Course

Featuring 8 sessions of compelling teaching from Dr. Dan Allender, the Effective Trauma Care Online Course will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma and abuse while equipping you with the understanding and the tools to engage past trauma effectively.

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Dr. Dan Allender

“You cannot engage the deepest issues of another’s heart without being willing to enter the places in your own heart that have suffered harm.” -Dr. Dan Allender

Effective Trauma Care utilizes Dr. Allender’s trauma-focused narrative therapy model to strengthen your capacity to holistically engage the consequences of harm expressed through nuanced beliefs, behaviors, symptoms, and patterns of relationship.

The course carves out space for you to gain a fuller understanding of the intersections of your work and your own story as a starting place for developing awareness and practices that steward your own soul and well-being in relation to this work.

This popular two-day training by Dr. Dan Allender was filmed in 2023 and organized into eight teaching modules to help you work through the content at your own pace.

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Course Includes

  • 8 sessions of teaching from Dr. Dan Allender (over 8 hours of video)
  • Lifetime access to course platform and material

“[Effective Trauma Care] was a good reminder that there's a big need for more people with the ability to recognize and work with those who have been traumatized; I want to be someone who can sit with people's trauma with care.” -Previous Participant

Who is this for?

This online course is designed for therapists, practitioners, ministry leaders, and advocates desiring a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma and abuse and a stronger grasp of the tools to engage individuals with courage and care.

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Go at your own pace

Our online course platform allows you to enroll at any time, from anywhere, and move through the course at your own pace.

Your enrollment fee grants you lifetime access to the content, allowing you to revisit the material at any time and from any location.

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This is an ideal course for groups that are looking to explore their journeys and how it is shaping their futures. Groups offer great companionship, and you can enjoy a 10% discount for those gathering with 5 people or more. The Allender Center does not facilitate groups or offer social offerings for online courses at this time.

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Bundle and save

The Story Care Toolkit includes 3 courses that can help you hold others’ stories with care. You’ll receive lifetime access to Effective Trauma Care, Story Sage: Family of Origin, and Story Sage: Frameworks and Tools. Get all 3 courses for $449 – a 15% savings!

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BONUS: When you enroll in this course by January 19, 2024, you will receive an invitation to attend an exclusive online Effective Trauma Care Q&A Session with Dr. Dan Allender on January 19!

What You Will Learn

This course is created from a live recording filmed at a private training event hosted by the Chaplain Family Life Training Center in Ft Hood, TX in early 2023. It has been edited and reformatted for a self-paced online course experience.

  • Session 1: Core Assumptions About Trauma and the Importance of Story
  • Session 2: Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Session 3: Debris of Trauma: Fragmentation, Dissociation, Isolation
  • Session 4: Trauma Symptoms, Style of Relating, and Addiction
  • Session 5: Triggers and Memory
  • Session 6: The Triangle: Past, Present, Future
  • Session 7: Spiritual Warfare
  • Session 8: The Good Life: Hell No, Heaven Yes

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