The Allender Center Healing the Wounded Heart Online Courses

Healing the Wounded Heart Online Course

Featuring 9 sessions with compelling teaching from Dr. Dan Allender, powerful video interviews with survivors, and a downloadable journal for deeper reflection, Healing the Wounded Heart is an online course designed to support your journey toward restoration.

Dr. Dan Allender

“Harm and heartache are an inevitable part of the human experience, but all too often we lack the tools to care for our wounds well, and the trauma leaves a lasting mark on our body, mind, and soul.” — Dr. Dan Allender

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Course Includes

  • 9 lessons, each with 3-4 short videos
  • Downloadable journal with reflection prompts
  • 7+ hours of video teaching from Dr. Dan Allender
  • Access to a private Facebook group for community with other participants*
  • 6 unique, intimate videos of Dan engaging individuals and their stories
  • Bonus live teaching webinars with Dan and Teaching Staff*
  • Lifetime access to course platform and material

*Access to the Facebook group and bonus teaching webinars are reserved for participants who join a semester tribe

This online course allows us to sit in on Dan's story work with a few courageous men and women and to observe his skill and care for them against the backdrop of brilliant teaching. All the while, we are hearing the gentle yet clear invitation to consider our own stories. Beautiful. — Beth, Tennessee

Who is this for?

Whether you are a survivor of abuse, a professional caregiver, or a friend, parent, or partner of someone who has been abused — everyone needs to address the heartache of sexual harm and grow in the hope that it does not have the final word. We are convinced this course will assist you in the work you want to do to take down the harm of past abuse in your life and the lives of others — whether this is your first foray into the material or a seasoned return.

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We designed our online course with the hope of making this content as accessible as possible, but we understand the courage it requires. Toward that end, we carve out intentional seasons each year to gather a virtual tribe moving through the course as a community for a 9-week semester.

Members receive exclusive access to:

  • A private Facebook group designed to encourage conversation and support through the content of the course with special insight from our Tribe Facilitator team
  • Bonus live teaching webinars with Tribe Facilitators.

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What a gift! The Healing the Wounded Heart online course became a sacred space for me to journey at my own pace into my own stories of heartache. It gave me time to stop and reflect and journal about what I am hearing and what is stirring in my heart. The teaching on trauma and its lifelong effect on the brain and the body is compelling. I wish every parent and teacher would go through it! — Teddi, North Carolina

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1 Online Course

Lesson 1

The Impact of Trauma

Lesson 2 Online Course

Lesson 2

The Context of Abuse

Lesson 3 Online Course

Lesson 3

The Damage of Abuse: Understanding Our Enemy

Lesson 4 Online Course

Lesson 4

Shame: The Insidious Assault Against Love

Lesson 5 Online Course

Lesson 5

Dissociation: The Ways We Work To Escape

Lesson 6 Online Course

Lesson 6

Style of Relating: The Daily Living Out of Abuse in Relationships

Lesson 5 Online Course

Lesson 7

Health Issues: The Body Remembers

Lesson 8 Online Course

Lesson 8

The Unaddressed Victim: Men's Abuse

Lesson 9 Online

Lesson 9

Redemption: The Healing Path

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