Engaging Your Story

Deepen and further your engagement with your story through guided reflection and writing exercises. We believe that stepping into significant stories in your own life will open up a desire to better know and reveal the story that God is telling. In the first reflection, we will explore the memories that have influenced us the most. Building upon that, we invite you to focus on writing a significant story. In the final reflection, we will look at how this story has impacted your relational style. How has your heart been disrupted through harm, and how have you known the goodness of God through blessing? To accompany the PDF, you will find audio on this page from Dan Allender and reflective prompts to guide you through your engaging the impact of your story.

Download the PDF

Memories of Influence:

1. Listen to Dan Allender explain the process of reflecting on and engaging the significant stories of harm and blessing in your life.

Writing the Story:

1. Listen to Dan’s suggestions on how to begin writing your stories with detail and particularity.

Examining the Story:

1. Listen to Dan’s suggestions on beginning to examine the impact that your story has had on your life and relationships.

Next Steps:

Thank you for your courage to continue in this sacred, healing work towards freedom to live fully into who God created you to be. The Allender Center offers a number of opportunities for you to continue to engage the stories of your life: