Racial Trauma & Healing Conference

Engaging Story as a Pathway of Healing

Story is always playing out in your life, weaving together the past, present, and future. You live into not only your personal story, but the story of your family, your community, and your culture. 

In racially-traumatized communities, while it may be easier, and at times beneficial, to focus on the celebratory stories of resilience, the stories of trauma and harm cannot be ignored. 

The Racial Trauma & Healing Conference is a space that invites you to learn, process, and articulate the personal and collective stories of trauma you have endured, particularly as someone within a racially-traumatized community living within dominant cultural norms.

If trauma is not addressed, cared for, and healed, it will continue to linger and pass throughout communities and over generations.

But there is hope: Your pathway to freedom is through engaging story, especially trauma stories.  What we learn through the gospel story is that trauma is not the end.

When you engage your personal and collective stories, you can set out on the journey to experience true healing, to redeem those stories, and to create a new narrative. 

Led by Allender Center staff members Linda Royster, Wendell Moss, and Sam Lee, the Racial Trauma & Healing Conference from the Allender Center is an invitation to you to enter into the work of healing that will move you further and deeper into your calling. This healing can empower you to participate in the healing of others in your family, in your community, and in generations to come.

If you’d like to host the Racial Trauma & Healing Conference in your community, please click here to submit your interest.