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To Be Told

Our stories, in all their beauty and heartache, shape and influence every dimension of our daily life and relationships. Knowing the impact of our story and finding God’s redemptive work within it is vital for emotional, relational, and spiritual formation and health. Our culture often encourages us to focus only on the positive experiences and put the painful ones behind us. Far too often, when the true impact of our stories of wounding and heartache go unaddressed, we find ourselves bound to unhealthy and unfulfilling patterns without hope for change.

Know Your Story, Shape Your Future

Giving ourselves permission to explore how the goodness and pain in our life have shaped us opens the door to transformation and a deeper capacity for joy, intimacy, and fulfillment. To Be Told is far more than the popularized movement to “know your story.” It is an invitation to truth-telling, healing lament, deep soulfulness, and lasting change.

Dr. Dan Allender has been a story sojourner for more than 30 years. He brings his own vulnerability and kind spirit to his teaching as he challenges individuals, couples, and communities to do the important, holy work of entering their stories with grace, courage, and hope.

“Our own life is the thing that most influences and shapes our outlook, our tendencies, our choices and our decisions. It is the force that orients us toward the future, and yet we don’t give it a second thought, much less a careful examination. It’s time to listen to our own story.” – Dan Allender, To Be Told

What people are saying about To Be Told

Dan is a shameless truth-teller and a compelling storyteller. He engages incredibly difficult content with humanity and grace and provides a model for walking into our pain and coming out of it wiser, more present, and more purposeful. […] Any community would benefit from someone coming and talking about how to live out your own, unique story — not just individually but also within the larger church body and the world. People are living on auto-pilot, and this conference gives you a conduit to really examine yourself in a safe space and figure out how you want to life your one, beautiful life — as Dan says. — Arlington, VA

To Be Told led me not only to consider my story and how it affects my perspective on life, relationships, and God — but also to be mindful and curious about others and their stories. I was invited to examine parts of my story that were previously unexplored, providing insight for past choices and possibility for new ways of being in the future. I loved it. I wish everyone could have the same experience! — Houston, TX


This conference is not currently offered; however, the material is now available in a self-paced or group online course format. Click here to learn more and enroll in the To Be Told Online Course.