Wounded Heart

Healing the Wounded Heart

There is hope for you and others who have suffered sexual abuse.

Healing the Wounded Heart conference uniquely and powerfully speaks into many of the painful and often hidden issues resulting from sexual abuse, providing hope for survivors and those who know or work with victims of sexual abuse.

No one is immune to the impact of sexual abuse. Although much of the current research has shown how one abusive event dims the life of the victim, we live in a time where sexually harmful behavior has become so common that we avoid naming it as abuse. In the midst of such tragedy, most of us have chosen to hide our hurts or attempted to heal ourselves. The consequences of sexual abuse can never be fully removed, yet when we lay our wounded heart before God’s tender kindness and strength, the power of shame cannot win.

Healing the Wounded Heart conference speaks into many of the painful and often hidden issues resulting from sexual abuse:

  • New data and research that has enhanced our understanding of the nature of the harm of abuse and trauma and the role of the body and brain.
  • The damage sexual abuse inflicts upon a person’s perception of her/himself and the consequences of that damage in relationships.
  • Patterns of trauma stories and the false solutions that promise to help but fail to deal with the damage that lingers.
  • The personal journey of honesty, courage, and trust in God that leads to transformational healing.
  • Understanding the role evil plays to keep us from opening our hearts to others and God.

Disclaimer: This conference is not a substitute for counselor/therapist training in the area of sexual abuse. It solely offers a model for helping, based on a detailed understanding of the damage done by sexual abuse. Further, this conference is not designed as therapy for those who have been sexually abused. It discusses a model for thinking through the many issues that impact those who have been sexually abused.

This conference is not currently offered; however, the material is now available in a self-paced or group online course format. Click here to learn more and enroll in the Healing the Wounded Heart Online Course.