StoryWork Conference and Master Class

February 1–3, 2024

Trinity Anglican Church
2270 Defoor Hills Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA, USA

Map & Directions

Who will be there:

  • Dr. Dan Allender

Join us for a StoryWork Master Class and Conference, February 1-3, 2024!

Led by Adam Young, Dr. Dan Allender, and Cathy Loerzel, this is more than a conference: it’s an invitation to truth-telling, healing lament, and lasting change. This experience will help you gain an understanding of how your past story is affecting your present day to day life.

Our stories shape and influence every dimension of our daily life and relationships. Our culture encourages us to focus only on the positive experiences and put the painful ones behind us. Yet when the impact of our stories of wounding and heartache go unaddressed, we find ourselves bound to unhealthy patterns without hope for change.

Connection, presence and joy are possible if we are willing to go back to our origin stories that have deeper meaning and impact than we care to imagine. By understanding more of your family of origin story, you can tend to the parts of you that were left behind but are now in need of healing and care. 

ONE-DAY MASTER CLASS | Thursday, Feb 1 (SOLD OUT) & Friday, Feb 2 (SOLD OUT)

Develop Advanced Skills For Engaging Trauma Narratives | This event is designed for therapists and lay leaders who are passionate about engaging others’ stories in a redemptive way. 

CONFERENCE | Saturday, Feb 3

Uncover the Healing Power of Your StoryThis event is designed for any human being who wants the freedom and vitality that comes from engaging one’s own story in a deeper way.

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