Cathy Loerzel, MA

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, Teaching Staff

Cathy Loerzel combines a business strategy background and a deep understanding of the cultural landscape as she leads The Allender Center team and expands its impact. Previous roles in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill, in process and change management at PWC and IBM, and in leadership development in the wilderness of Pennsylvania equipped her for a constantly adapting and hugely relational role.

Cathy joined The Seattle School first as an MA in Counseling Psychology student in 2004. As a student she took on a staff role as Student Council Facilitator, and upon graduation, joined the team full time. Cathy has served in a variety of positions, including in organizational development, event planning, and donor relations, and she played a key role in founding The Allender Center and growing its mission.

When she isn’t designing curriculum or helping our team execute the mission of The Allender Center, she’s taking advantage of Seattle’s endless outdoor activities with her husband (a fellow alumnus of The Seattle School) and her two children, or tending to chickens on their mini farm.

“I believe so wholeheartedly in the mission of this place. I’ve worked in several organizations before and I’ve never seen a place be more committed to what’s actually going on in the human heart, while offering a way to engage them and offer healing. There’s nothing I could do that has more return on investment in terms of healing in the world.”

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