Redeeming Heartache

November 19, 2021

Recording Available: Online Event

Who will be there:

  • Dr. Dan Allender




Learn how heartache of the past can become a springboard for a more hopeful future as you learn to embrace your calling. You will gain understanding of why you feel the way you do, and how your coping strategies may be creating a false sense of health. Dan and Cathy will explore major themes from their new book, Redeeming Heartache, that lead to true connection and healing with ourselves, God, and others.

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With a clear, biblically trustworthy method, Allender and Loerzel walk you through a journey of profound inner transformation–from the shame and hurt of old emotional wounds to true freedom and healing. Drawn from modern research and their pioneering work at The Allender Center, they will help you identify your core trauma in one of the three outcast archetypes–the widow, orphan, or stranger–and chart your path of growth into the God-given roles of priest, prophet, or leader.

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