Reconnection in Marriage with Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Steve Call

We’re revisiting an insightful conversation between Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Steve Call, a therapist and Affiliate Faculty member at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, about how unaddressed hurt and shame can harm meaningful connections in marriage and practical tools to help rebuild connection where it has been lost.

At the time of this conversation a little over a year ago, Steve released a book entitled reconnect: insights and tools for cultivating meaningful connection in your marriage. You’ll hear Steve and Dan discuss themes from this book including the reality of disconnect, three core convictions about connection, and the importance of empathy, curiosity, and play in relationships.

Dan: “So much of our own trauma, and our own lack of attunement in our families, ends up playing out in relationship with our spouse.”

Steve: “One of the most essential components of connection is empathy. […] That empathy is the healing balm in those moments when we’re working through connection.”

“Reconnecting is not a one-and-done thing, and there is no quick solution. It is a lifelong commitment to choose a return to intimacy even after significant disruptions. This ongoing, day-to-day work requires that we wrestle with the impact of trauma and the ways that our stories of harm are still present with us.”


reconnect: insights and tools for cultivating meaningful connection in your marriage, by Steve Call

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