intimate mystery conference

Intimate Mystery

Intimate Mystery is a conference designed to invite you to an honest exploration of who you are, how your story impacts your style of relating, and what you and your partner create together in light of your unique stories. Intimate Mystery will invite you to candidly engage the inherent joys and struggles of marriage and relationships through the categories of communication, conflict, dreams and demands, family ties, forgiveness, and sex.

Join Dr. Dan B. Allender and Cathy Loerzel, co-founder of The Allender Center, to explore God’s design for marriage through the matrix of Genesis 2:24 (leaving, weaving, and cleaving). Be moved toward deeper intimacy as you encounter the character and purposes of God revealed through the complexities of your unique relationship.

My wife and I believe this to be the best marriage conference we’ve ever attended in 35 years of marriage and “Christian” effort to do it right.  It is serving to bring us hope through the reality of life and not the empty promises of how to do it better, try harder, or be more faithful. — Intimate Mystery attendee

Dan and Cathy lead the conversation with their own vulnerability and challenge couples to lean into their vulnerability, resulting in an experience that moves the conversation on life-giving marriages and relationships beyond techniques and “how-to’s.” Instead, Dan and Cathy invite you into a place of newfound awareness and ability to engage conflict and desire—as an individual and as a couple.

I am single and have never been married.  I feel like hearing this information now is so helpful.  It will help me as I work through my story and it will also change the way I’m dating. — Intimate Mystery attendee

Intimate Mystery is a conference centered on understanding and developing healthy intimacy, and is applicable to both couples and singles, to those who want to engage Scripture in a provocative, meaningful way, and to those who desire a deeper faith and deeper relationships with others and God.