Attachment and Relationships, Part Two

In this episode of The Allender Center podcast, Rachael and Dan continue a series about attachment; how our earliest relationships impact who we come to be. Throughout their conversation, you’ll hear three attributes of a secure attachment and the three categories of an insecure attachment and how they affect our styles of relating.

We come to be who we are through the relational lens of our primary core relationships— our family, and then our larger culture. – Dan Allender

The Imago Dei, being made in the image of God, is intricately linked to the concepts of attachment. We are made to be relational, which is an inherent part of bearing God’s image and glory in our humanity.

In a relationship, a secure attachment includes attunement, containment, and restoration. On the other hand, the three categories for insecure attachment are Dismissive-Avoidant, Anxious-Ambivalent, and Disorganized-Chaotic.

Making sense of one’s attachment styles is often a journey that invites grief, anger, gratitude, and honor. Healthy attachments, even just one, can bring healing.

Allow the spirit of God to speak into places you don’t know if you believe resurrection is possible in your life and relationships. – Rachael Clinton Chen

Next week, Dan and Rachael will engage the question: What do we do with these categories as we think about what it means to grow?


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