Processing by Active Participation: Healing the Wounded Heart, Part 2

This week, Dan is joined again by Cathy Loerzel and Rachael Clinton to further discuss our Healing the Wounded Heart online course. They particularly review the benefit of a closed Facebook group created for tribe members. The ultimate goal in creating the tribe option was to ensure that participants would not have to move through the course alone and would benefit from processing with others along the way. This added option has truly brought increased engagement with the material, and we hope very much that you can join us for our upcoming semester tribe!

Rachael: You can either register and move through the course at your own pace or you can join a collective to move through the course in community. I was skeptical about the Facebook community, but I was blown away by the way this community developed and engaged.

Dan: The material can fit to where you are. You have people who have never addressed these topics working with people who have been doing this work for years.

Cathy: I noticed that a lot of people who wouldn’t have had resources or a way to access this otherwise.

Dan: We also have excerpts from face-to-face interactions. That group actually went through the content themselves and still had questions.

Rachael: We’ll continue to offer live Q&As as well. I felt incredibly grateful for the collective that was committed to each other. It was an unexpected gift.

Dan: As I read the conversations happening, I was blown away by the level of courage.

Cathy: We realized people were caring for each other far better than we could care for them. People were taking themselves off the sidelines.

Dan: We want healing for every person who participates, but part of healing is knowing how to give what you already have. We’ve seen many people begin here, then see so many people in their own community who have nothing in regard to these matters, and begin to use the redemption of their own life to bless others.

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