The Wounded Heart

What if there was hope for you and others who have suffered sexual abuse?

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No one is immune from the impact and harm of sexual abuse – whether personally, in our families, our neighborhoods, our churches, or the world at large. In the midst of such tragedy, most of us have chosen to hide our hurts or attempted to heal ourselves. We cannot help but question God’s faithfulness in the midst of such darkness and pain. Nor can we imagine a God that speaks to use most tenderly and passionately when we lay our wounded heart before Him.

The Wounded Heart conference speaks into many of the painful and often hidden issues resulting from sexual abuse. Topics discussed include:

  • The damage sexual abuse inflicts upon a person’s attitude toward her/himself and the consequences of that damage in adult relationships
  • The false solutions that promise help but fail to deal with the damage
  • The personal journey of honesty, courage, and trust in God that leads to loving self and others in profound, transformative ways

This unique and powerful conference provides hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse and those who know or work with the abused. Dr. Allender is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic because of his own story as well as his professional specialization in this field for more than 20 years. He offers unique and healing insights that are unlike anything else you’ve ever heard or experienced.

Listen to a sample of Dan Allender teaching The Wounded Heart:

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PLEASE NOTE: This conference is not a substitute for counselor/therapist training in the area of sexual abuse. It solely offers a model for helping, based on a detailed understanding of the damage done by sexual abuse. Further, this conference is not designed as therapy for those who have been sexually abused. It discusses a model for thinking through the many issues that impact those who have been sexually abused.

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Cost & Registration

$150-$175 per ticket, depending on conference location. Final pricing and registration details will be posted when our next Wounded Heart conference is booked.

Typical Schedule


5:45-6:15pm Registration
6:30-7:30pm Session 1
7:30-7:45pm break
7:45-9:00pm Session 1 (cont.)


9:00-10:30am Session 2
10:30-10:45am break
10:45am-12:00pm Session 2 (cont.)
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break
1:30-3:00pm Session 3
3:00-3:15pm break
3:15-5:00pm Session 3 (cont.)
5:00-6:30pm Dinner Break
6:30-7:45pm Session 4
7:45-8:00pm break
8:00-9:00pm Session 4 (cont.)


9:00-10:30am Session 5
10:30-10:45am break
10:45am-12:00pm Session 5 (cont.)
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break
1:30-2:30pm Session 6
2:30-2:45pm break
2:45-4:00pm Session 6 and Conclusion

A selection of Dr. Allender’s books and resources will be available for sale at this event.

Lodging Options

Coming Soon depending on event location.

About Dan Allender

Dr. Dan B. Allender has pioneered a unique and innovative approach to trauma and abuse therapy over the past 25 years. Central to Dr. Allender’s approach are the categories of Faith, Hope and Love and their converse betrayal, ambivalence, and powerlessness. Through engaging these categories and in learning to identify them in one’s personal story, healing and transformation can occur by bridging the story of the gospel and the stories of trauma and abuse that mark so many. Currently, he serves as Professor of Counseling at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. He travels and speaks extensively to present his unique perspective on sexual abuse recovery, love & forgiveness, worship, and other related topics. Dan is the author of The Wounded Heart and The Healing Path and has co-authored several books with Dr. Tremper Longman (Intimate Allies, The Cry of the Soul, Bold Love and Bold Purpose).