God Loves Sex

The church’s stance on sexual matters has been clear throughout history: all sexual activity outside the boundaries of Christian marriage is sin. So we hide our struggles and pretend to live above the erotic fray, or else we embrace the culture’s redefinition of what is acceptable. But in God Loves Sex, Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman, III, explore what the Bible really says about sexual desire and sexual intimacy.

God Loves Sex offers a truly liberating, godly view of holy sensuality by recovering the clear meaning of the Song of Songs as God-sanctioned eroticism. Then it uses that lens to answer questions posed by a fictional new Christian struggling with expectations of sexual purity. It asks provocative questions, such as: What does it mean to be both holy and filled with rich sexual desire? How can our sexual struggles take us deeper into the purposes of God?

Pairing psychological insight with sound biblical scholarship, the authors bring desire and sex out into the open, allowing Christians of any age and any marital status to understand sex the way God meant it to be.

God Loves Sex by Dan Allender
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“In a world where sex most often lives in confusion, perversion, compulsion, guilt, and shame, it is wonderful that Allender and Longman use the Bible's sex song to restore sex to its original created beauty.”

Paul David Tripp, author of Sex & Money