Bold Love

We’ve come to view love as being “nice,” yet the kind of love modeled by Jesus Christ has nothing to do with manners or unconditional acceptance. Rather, it is disruptive, courageous, and socially unacceptable. In Bold Love, Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman, III draw out the aggressive, unrelenting, passionate power of genuine love. Far from helping you “get along” with others, Bold Love introduces the outlandish possibility of making a significant, life-changing impact on family, friends, coworkers―even your enemies. Learn more about forgiveness, maturity, and seeing others through Jesus’ eyes.

Bold Love by Dan Allender
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“It will change your life.”

Steve Brown, President of Key Life Network and author of A Scandalous Freedom
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“The best modern book on love I've ever read.”

Dr. C. John Miller, founder of Serge and author of Come Back Barbara