Story Workshop

Will you learn to tell your story in bold, beautiful, and life changing ways?

The Allender Center’s core belief is that we are best known—and our stories are best seen—in the company of others. The Story Workshop is a profound event that invites you deeply into the themes of your life within the context of a supportive and facilitated environment. Through teaching and group work, you will receive encouragement and wisdom as you seek to understand, write, tell, and live your story in deeper and more transformative ways.

Offered in a live, interactive, online format, the Story Workshop is accessible across multiple time zones and international participants are encouraged to participate.

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Workshop Experience

During this online weekend, you will experience:

  • Live, interactive teaching from Dr. Dan Allender, Wendell Moss, and other core Allender Center teachers (9 hours).
  • Small group sessions led by an Allender Center facilitator who is specifically trained to lead in an online format (10 hours).
  • A schedule that incorporates rest and sustainability, including self-care practices to utilize throughout the workshop and beyond.
  • A seamless learning environment hosted by Zoom technology.

You will also receive:

  • A pre-workshop Story Writing Exercise and a companion Video Guide to support your personal reflection and writing process prior to the workshop.
  • Access to video recordings of all Story Workshop teaching sessions for 30 days after the workshop ends.

“Life Changing! This workshop took me to places emotionally and spiritually that [other conferences I’ve attended] never even approached. I have a renewed desire to follow the dreams I have had since childhood but had shut down over years of lies.” — Story Workshop participant

Preparing for the Workshop

Write and submit a childhood story.

Prior to attending, you will be asked to write about an aspect of your own childhood (ages 4-18). Sharing these stories in a safe, kind space held by a facilitator is part of what takes this work from the head to the heart.

Prepare your space.

All small groups and teaching sessions will take place online. Stable internet connection with video and audio capabilities is required to participate. Locate a space in your home or other getaway location that is comfortable and offers privacy throughout the duration of the workshop.

What can you expect at a Story Workshop?

Hear from some of our Allender Center facilitators and Story Workshop participants to get a behind-the-scenes look at what our online workshops are really like:

Still wondering if this is for you? Read more about what our participants had to say:

“[The small group time] was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had, and this is saying a lot because I have experienced many different small groups! I was blown away by my facilitator as well, especially how emotionally engaged she was with every person’s story in the group.” — Story Workshop participant

I’ve never had an online course/workshop/meeting that has kept my attention for hours. I always get distracted during online events. You were the first to keep my attention, without distraction. – Online Story Workshop Participant

This was my first virtual workshop on Zoom and I would definitely do it again. – Online Story Workshop Participant


Request More InformationLearn More About the Registration Process