Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level II Recommendation

You have been invited to provide a reference on behalf of an applicant to The Allender Center’s Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level II program. Thank you for sharing your experience of this applicant. Your insights are very valuable to us as we discern who exhibits the capacity to thrive in this advanced training.

2019-05-29 GL Cloned from Externship Recommendation and updated (beaten into submission more like).
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Reference Information

Please reflect on the applicant's capacity in the following categories:
Allender Center Methodology
The applicant demonstrates a basic knowledge of The Allender Center methodology as it relates to story engagement and interpersonal engagement. The applicant can categorize themes of a story, can notice transitions and/or gaps in a story, and can engage harm present in the story beyond empathic engagement. The applicant is attentive to and can engage themes from a past story as they are playing out in the present interaction through interpersonal dynamics and style of relating. 

Capacity for Self-Reflection
The applicant is honest, considerate, and sincere. The applicant is aware of her/himself in relationship to others and able to integrate new insight and awareness. The applicant can think critically about her/his own story and articulate their emotional experiences. The applicant is willing to receive constructive feedback with discernment and exhibits a desire to continue to engage her/his own story with a sense of hope and integrity. 

Theological Engagement & Spiritual Formation
The applicant exhibits a desire to engage story work at the intersection of theology & psychology. The applicant is genuinely interested in growing her/his faith by engaging the biblical narrative, practicing different forms of prayer (contemplative, healing, deliverance), and engaging the impact of trauma on theological/biblical imagination. 

Group Engagement & Facilitation
The applicant is respectful of group process and has a basic understanding of the benefits of story engagement within a group context. The applicant is attuned to and empathetic to the thoughts and feelings of others and has an ability to engage the stories of others in a productive way. The applicant exhibits aptitude and readiness for co-leading story groups within the next year.