Story Groups

Story Groups

Story Groups were created for the purpose of personal growth and transformation by exploring how your life experiences have shaped who you are today.

Story Groups are rooted in The Allender Center’s core belief that we are best known—and our stories best seen—in the company of others. In many cases, it is the stories that have marked you most deeply that you cannot see clearly on your own.

If you have ever found yourself feeling stuck, wondering things like “why does this keep happening to me?”, “why am I like this?”, or “will I ever heal?”, we invite you to join a Story Group. Our groups are designed to invite you into deep reflection to grow awareness of how your life experiences impact you in your relationships, your spirituality, and your everyday life. They are a safe and interactive environment to experience care and gain discernment on how your unique story impacts your current way of understanding and relating to yourself, others, and God.

“The small group’s consistent, tangible expressions of compassion, in both face and tone, made me realize the times that I was treating my story and myself with contempt. Their compassion let me taste and see Christ’s kindness for me in all of my story.”

Each group is facilitated by a member of The Allender Center team, a dynamic group of licensed therapists and therapeutically-oriented pastors who have completed extensive training under Dr. Dan Allender. While Story Groups are not group therapy, they are intended to be an in-depth complement to your ongoing personal and/or therapeutic work.

“[My facilitator] sat in the midst of my pain and raged war on my behalf and encouraged me to go deeper and to find where I needed to allow myself to grieve and feel sadness—it was such a gift to have someone stand by me and sit in my pain and suffering and tell me it would be ok, and to be validated. She has such a sensitive spirit and strong brave heart.”

Story Groups gather weekly for 8 sessions in groups no larger than 5 members each to ensure a safe space to engage your story.

“My small group leader and fellow participants gave me amazing insights into my story that have been tremendously helpful to my own healing. I learned from my group experience what it means to grieve what was lost as a result of the abuse I experienced so long ago. I realized that grieving had to occur within a safe community of other broken but ultimately resurrected people.”

We do not have any Story Group sessions scheduled at this time.