Your Gift by June 30 Helps People Receive Urgently-Needed Training in Trauma Response

Our world is changing as we are all in this season of collective trauma. Mistrust, fear, and racial divisions are tearing us apart. Uncertainty and isolation. Who is equipped to respond to these traumas?

Participants in our programs—therapists, stay-at-home moms, social workers, pastors—are stepping up to engage the many forms of trauma. Using their training, they are helping communities fight against division, loneliness, and isolation, and caring for the physical and mental needs of the most vulnerable.

Your gift before June 30—the end of our fiscal year— equips people like you to continue to meet these urgent needs. And right now, our communities need healing and restoration more than ever before.

Your gift will allow participants in our training programs, listeners of our podcast, and students in our online courses to continue their specialized training, uniquely equipping them to engage the mental and spiritual growth of our communities. You will also help support new online learning opportunities, making training in story work and trauma care more accessible.

Please give before June 30 to equip even more people to receive urgently-needed training to address the collective trauma our communities face today.