Healing the Generations

September 14–15, 2018

Trinity University
2065 Half Day Rd, Lincolnshire, IL 60069, USA

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  • Dr. Dan Allender

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Friday, September 14

Day 1

Saturday, September 15

Day 2

Healing the Generations: Dealing with the Stress of Childhood Wounds as You Care for Children

How we were parented provides helpful and at times, broken paradigms for our engagement with children whether we are parents, therapists, caretakers, or friends. In fact, how we were parented through secure or insecure attachment affects every adult relationship from our marriages, friendships, to work relationships and parenting. This conference will enable you to make sense of how past generations affect your story and develop tools and insights to make changes to turn the tide in your life and in the lives of your parents and children.

Dan Allender will address the role of wounds in our story. Elizabeth Houghtaling, Dan’s daughter-in-law, will address attachment history Montessori programs to support families. Susan Tracy McDaniel will train us in the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) to help lower the stress related to personal and family tensions that trigger distress. Laurie Heyl will explain the neurology behind EFT and how it works to heal body and mind.

All the funds collected from this conference will be used to provide access to Montessori education and support services for families who are financially challenged, in particular, Elizabeth’s Parent-Infant outreach to the Suquamish tribe in Washington state.

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