Healing from Spiritual Abuse Webinar

May 18, 2023


Who will be there:




Thursday, May 18

4:00 - 6:00 PM PST
Online webinar

The Allender Center is pleased to announce Healing from Spiritual Abuse, a new online webinar with Rachael Clinton Chen and Matthias Roberts. This seminar will stream live on Thursday, May 18, 2023, and registrants will enjoy lifetime access to the recording.

Whether subtle or obvious, spiritual abuse is a form of trauma that undermines your relationship with yourself and with God. 

Once you begin to identify spiritual abuse in your life, there are many emotions that might follow: feelings of hurt, confusion, betrayal, disillusionment, anger, and bitterness. Maybe the practices that once brought you peace – like going to church, praying, or even talking about your relationship with God – now feel painful. 

You’re not alone. These are all normal responses to the trauma you’ve experienced. But how do you begin to unravel the harm caused by spiritual abuse, reclaim your spirituality, and regain healthy relationships with yourself, others, and God?

The Allender Center invites you to join us for “Healing from Spiritual Abuse,” an online webinar with Rachael Clinton Chen, Director of Teaching and Care at the Allender Center and co-host of the Allender Center Podcast, and Matthias Roberts, Psychotherapist, Host of the Queerology podcast, and author of the forthcoming book Holy Runaways

Rachael and Matthias bring their expertise in the topics of spiritual abuse, trauma care, and counseling to help you discover healing pathways in the wake of spiritual abuse.

After this 2-hour, live webinar, you’ll walk away with a new imagination for what the healing process can look like for you. We believe that healing is possible. By doing this work, you can begin to reclaim spiritual beliefs and practices and reconnect with God and others in a deeper way.

Reserve your spot today for “Healing from Spiritual Abuse.”