Confronting Spiritual Abuse

August 5, 2021


Who will be there:




Confronting Spiritual Abuse is a one day, online event taught by trauma-informed specialist Rachael Clinton Chen.

Whether subtle or obvious, spiritual abuse is a form of trauma that undermines your relationship with yourself and with God. Participants in this event will learn how to identify and define spiritual abuse in different Christian contexts and begin to build imagination for healing and compassion.

For the purposes of this event, we define spiritual abuse as the use of religious or spiritual power and authority to control, coerce, or perpetrate harm. In many ways, spiritual abuse is a distortion or exploitation of God’s power and authority to manipulate or control others’ bodies, personhood, relationships, and autonomy through shame and fear. Spiritually abusive systems and organizations and spiritually abusive people use religious texts, theologies, and practices to harm relationally, emotionally, and physically.

Who is this for?

This event is for anyone who has been impacted by spiritual abuse or discerning if they have been impacted by spiritual abuse.

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