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Store items are added and edited under the Store Products menu.

Naming Your Product

Book products use the book’s title, workbooks have the word “workbook” after the book title, conference audio has the words “conference audio” after the conference title, and collections are the conference title followed by “collection”.

For example:

To Be Told
To Be Told Workbook
To Be Told Conference Audio
To Be Told Collection

Product Images

Images for products are taken by the marketing department on a wooden backdrop for consistency. The exceptions are the conference audio, which simply uses the branded conference image, and the collections are a PSD mockup.

Product images are 1200×700, just like calendar events and offerings.

Product Information

The standard content editor is used for the book’s description. Further information is added under the product information section.

documentation store

The two required fields are a link to the product in the TSS store and the price. Optional fields include related products and endorsements. Related products allow you to choose other store items. Typically we choose items in the same category or collection. Once you add an endorsement, all fields are required.

When adding products please verify that the information contained in the TAC store is consistent with The Seattle School store.

Product Categories

Categorizing products correctly is important for the store’s navigation. All products should be in either the books or audio category. Any product related to a conference can also be categorized with the conference title. If the product is a collection, it should be tagged as a collection.

Product Order

Products can be reordered by dragging and dropping on the Store Products page. Doing this also reorders them on all store pages.

Referencing Products

When referencing products on our site, link to the items in the store. This could mean linking directly to a store item, several products related to a conference, our books, our audio, our collections, or simply our store’s home page. Please do not link directly to the TSS store or to amazon.