Kalee Vandegrift-Porter, LMFT


Kalee received her Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2011. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a practice in Newport Beach, CA. She completed the Advanced Certification in Trauma and Abuse (now called Training Certificate Level I – Clinical Track) and Externship programs at The Allender Center. Kalee now facilitates groups for The Allender Center’s Training Certificate and Story Workshop.

Kalee is passionate about the healing of others and the transformation that occurs through being in relationship. With truth and kindness, Kalee believes in creating safety for the work of blessing the parts of us that have been detested and have been living at the mercy of our inner wars of shame. When we are able to do this with ourselves we are able to give and receive love more freely—with rest, abandonment, and joy. She knows that darkness does not have a permanent claim over us, and finds great joy in drawing out and fighting for the goodness and life embedded within all of us. Kalee considers it an honor and privilege to bear witness to other’s stories of harm and the healing that is possible.