There is hope for you and others who have suffered sexual abuse.

No one is immune to the impact of sexual abuse. We acknowledge the pervasiveness of sexual abuse in our society, and we are dedicated to supporting survivors in their journey toward recovery, healing, and restoration. We also stand in solidarity with other individuals and organizations working towards this cause.

That is why we are honored to announce that Dr. Dan Allender will be featured speaking about sexual abuse and trauma recovery in the upcoming documentary project, “UNTIL THE TRUTH.” This film, currently in production, explores the aftermath of sexual, psychological, and religious abuse. Focusing on the narratives of a group of women who bravely came forward with allegations against Bill Gothard, a prominent evangelical Christian leader, this film aims to shed light on the journey of recovery and explore the possibility of healing.

We encourage you to check out the film trailer below and follow along as the project is finalized and released. You can learn more at untilthetruth.com.


Resources for survivors of abuse:

Whether you are a survivor of abuse, a professional caregiver, or a friend, parent, or partner of someone who has been abused—everyone needs to address the heartache of sexual harm and grow in the hope that healing is possible. We would be honored to help you find resources and care providers that may provide some support along your journey. Here are a few options to help you begin:

As you unpack the topic of sexual abuse or other trauma, you may find yourself looking for additional support from a therapist or other care provider. To find an Allender Center team member who offers private practice therapy services, click here. Our trained leaders will boldly and carefully guide you in crafting your story and tending to your deepest wounds for the sake of healing and restoration.


About the work of the Allender Center:

We believe that courageously stepping into stories of pain and harm is the very place where true healing and restoration occur. We are committed to engaging the core narratives of relationship, family, sexual development, sexual abuse, trauma, and heartache. We aim to provide teachings, resources, and support to help you explore your story and participate in a process of healing and recovery that leads to greater freedom, power, and joy.