Stop Asian Hate: Christian Responses to Anti-Asian Racism – Real Talk from Impact Movement

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There is no mistaking the season of collective trauma we are in with the loss of life from several mass shootings and police shootings across our country recently. So much of this violence and trauma is fueled by racism and white supremacy that demands engagement and action both collectively and personally.

As we join our anger, grief, and lament with the chorus of voices calling for repentance and change, this week, we’re pausing to focus on and explore the impact of anti-Asian violence⁠ and how the Gospel compels us to live.

A few weeks ago, our friend, Jimmy McGee at The Impact Movement, hosted a Real Talk conversation called “Stop Asian Hate: Christian Responses to Anti-Asian Racism” featuring Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Rev. Sabrina Chan, Sam Lee, and Jen Oyama Murphy. We are honored that Impact Movement and the panelists have given us permission to share this conversation with our podcast listeners, as we believe it is an important and timely discussion.

We hope you take the time to listen and let the words and of the panelists bring you closer to the truth and impact of the Gospel.

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