Love and Courage in a Global Pandemic, Part Three

Our world continues to change in monumental ways. In this episode, Rachael Clinton Chen and Dr. Dan Allender engage the implications and anxieties of Covid-19, but also turn our attention to the goodness, power, and protection of God.

“We’re going to be stepping into some of the tensions that have been questions since the beginning of time […] What does it mean to rest in the promises of God while holding the tension that suffering and death are part of our world?” Rachael Clinton Chen

Though Rachael and Dan discuss multiple passages of scripture they are drawn to in this season, they use Psalm 91 as a framework for understanding what it means to be protected by God and the illusions we oftentimes attach to God’s protection.

“Are you aware that we can honor our fear with kindness rather than a demand to escape?” Dr. Dan Allender

“I think we should cry out to Jesus to live out our faith in a way that says we do not have to be people who are bound to fear, but I don’t think we’re meant to be people who live in la-la land.” Rachael Clinton Chen

“There are life-giving things he will not let evil take from us as long as we’re under the wing that he is the God that he claims to be.” Dr. Dan Allender


If you are interested in going deeper with the resources mentioned in this podcast: