Love and Courage in a Global Pandemic, Part One

In light of recent, world-altering events, Dan and Rachael sat down to check in with each other and have an honest conversation about the impact of COVID-19. A global pandemic cannot help but bring issues of trauma to the surface. Though we are not trying to resolve all that is unfolding in your individual circumstances, we do want to be present and offer encouragement in the midst of these uncertain times.

In trauma, we each have a tendency towards fight, flight, or freeze. For instance, watching the news can be equivalent to “freezing,” feeling like we have no control of power over the situation. We need to be aware of how these responses play out in ourselves as we navigate this crisis. It’s also important to acknowledge the impact on our mental health. Even in small ways, how are we taking care of ourselves and reaching out to those we love?

“When we can embrace where we’re at we can think about how we can love people in our midst.” Rachael Clinton Chen

“How much are we going to operate out of fear, and how much are we going to operate out of love?” Dr. Dan Allender

“Trauma shuts down our capacity to imagine, to stay present. A pull to want to numb and isolate. Our call is to do the good, courageous work to lean into an invitation to love boldly.” Rachael Clinton Chen

“How do I want to be in the midst of this growing global tragedy and trauma, and how am I going to engage the people close, near, and far in a way in which our hearts really, even in distancing, actually are closer together than what we were before?” Dr. Dan Allender