Summer Hospitality, Part Two

This week, Dan and Becky Allender continue unpacking the different dynamics of hospitality by exploring how to offer a deep sense of welcome as we host friends and relatives over the summer. They begin by reiterating a few of the themes from last week’s episode, like the importance of intentionality, clear communication of expectations, and preparation.

Dan: “Intentionality is not for control. It’s for honor.”

As hosts, we are taking on a certain level of responsibility for our guests—responsibility for protecting them, providing for them, nurturing them. The key word in all of that, says Dan, is welcome. To frame a deeper perspective of what it means to welcome, Dan and Becky turn to Scripture, where we find that the way we are meant to welcome each other is a reflection of the way in which God has welcomed us.

Dan: “How we welcome is, in many ways, how we offer the Gospel.”

Becky and Dan dive into particular, practical aspects of what they have learned about welcoming others: knowing their guests’ particular values and desires, showing delight and anticipation in how they prepare for someone’s arrival (like the small gesture of greeting someone in the driveway rather than waiting for them to ring the doorbell), and—after some years of trial and error—knowing when to say “no” and how to maintain a sense of welcome that is life-giving for all involved.

Becky: “It feels really fun to know our own roles in being hospitable towards others.”

Though they may disagree about who cleans the toilet more often, Dan and Becky share the deep conviction that when they welcome someone into their home, they have an opportunity to reflect the radical hospitality of the Gospel. With that in mind as we move into summer, may this season overflow with delight, curiosity, and honor—both for guests and hosts.

Dan: “If you understand what hosting is about, it is a welcome that plays open the arms of Jesus, and an invitation to beauty, honor, goodness, but ultimately to glory. May it be a good summer my friends, may it be a very good summer of guesting and hosting.”