Writing a New Story in 2018

After last week’s episode about ending the year with intention and care, Dan and Becky Allender now turn toward 2018 and reflect on the desire, hope, and fear that comes with moving into a new year.

Considering the frenzy that often marks the holiday season and the end of a year, “a lot of people stumble, maybe a little bloated and a little bit poor, into the new year,” says Dan. Instead, Dan and Becky challenge us to not “slide” into 2018 but to dare to wonder about the stories our lives might tell in the year ahead.

Dan and Becky reflect on the projects that marked 2017 for them, including Becky’s new book, Hidden in Plain Sight, which they discussed in a previous episode. And they wonder together about the new year, and about how they might clarify and grow the work of previous years. What are the themes that are continuing to unfold in their lives, and what are the trajectories that will chart new terrain in 2018?

It’s your life—it’s your one and only life—and if you don’t write your story, I promise you someone will write it on your behalf.

As you listen and ponder your own themes and trajectories, wondering about how God will continue forming you in 2018, may Dan and Becky’s words spark curiosity, hope, and a desire to grow in goodness, truth, and beauty. And from all of us here at The Allender Center, happy New Year!