Finding Treasure in the Dirt, Part Two

This week on the Allender Center Podcast, Dr. Dan Allender is continuing his conversation with Laurie Proctor. They are joined by Laurie’s business partner, Jean Masukevich. Laurie and Jean, who have both completed the Training Certificate with The Allender Center, are the co-founders of SowThat, an organization that guides individuals toward freedom, hope, and healing in their personal and professional lives.

Dan: “There’s a sweetness, there’s a boldness, there’s an intentionality of bringing your gifts to the work of the Kingdom of God.”

Jean and Laurie talk about how their experience with The Allender Center, and their ongoing journey of pursuing healing in their stories of harm, sparked in them a vision for something that they would like to create on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

Jean: “I felt compelled to go out and help others take back their power, take back their story.”

Out of that vision came SowThat, which weaves together narrative, body work, mindfulness, prayer, and more into a nonprofit that helps others find lasting healing and pursue their calling and passions in deeper ways. Laurie and Jean share how, though they are not trained therapists and do not offer licensed mental health counseling, much of their sense of calling is rooted in one of The Allender Center’s core beliefs: You can only take someone as far as you have gone yourself. It was through their own journeys of wrestling with their stories of harm that they discovered their calling to help others do the same.

Laurie: “We’ve gone deep in our stories. We used to call ourselves the valley girls because we sat in these deep, hard places for years.”

Dan reflects on his hope for listeners who are hearing this conversation. As you hear Laurie and Jean share about their calling and passion, what is stirring inside you? What is the beautiful, stunning work that God might be growing out of your own journey of restoration?

Jean: “Come. Come and do the work of the Kingdom. I thought I needed to have a certain space or time, and I was fearful of the limitations and judgments. What I have found is that everywhere I look, people are in need of care and attunement and kindness and blessing and truth and invitation and curiosity. Come to the table, and step into the Kingdom for the power and glory of God.”

Dan: “Follow the direction of your calling through the passions that brought you into that heartache and into that hope, and it will take you to the face of God.”