Training for a Church That’s Not Here Yet, Part Two

This week on the Allender Center Podcast, Dr. Dan Allender continues his conversation with Joel Murphy, a graduate of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and a member of the Board of Trustees. After reflecting last week on their passion for The Seattle School’s mission and the exciting, tumultuous journey of turning a dream into a reality, in this episode Joel and Dan talk about the particular qualities that we are looking for in a new President.

Dan: “We invite you to participate with us in what we’re trying to create.”

Joel: “There’s something really exciting happening right now at the school, like in those early years. And we want somebody who can take that and build on it.”

As Joel reflects on what would mark a good candidate, one quality that comes up again and again is a deep love for Jesus, and the ability to integrate that with psychology. Joel says that’s so essential that it’s written right into the job description: “You understand the integration of theology and psychology because you experience it yourself.”

“There’s something really exciting happening right now at the school.”

Dan and Joel also share their hope of finding someone who approaches this role with a sense of weight and calling—someone who’s not just looking for another career checkmark. Then there’s the vital task of leading a team of visionaries and innovators, holding both the capacity to help dreams come to fruition and the willingness to say no. Like Dan says, when he talks about knowing “how to both land the plane and fan the flame,” really, he’s talking about what it means to live well as a leader.

Joel: “We all have a sense at the school of both grief around losing a dearly, dearly loved leader in Keith Anderson, and also the anticipation for what this next chapter is going to look like.”

Ultimately, Dan and Joel ask you to join the process. Take a look at the info and profile at, and help us spread the word in your own circles. We can’t wait to meet our next President and see all that’s in store ahead for The Seattle School.