Video: Trauma and Physical Health

“Stress, we know, is disastrous, and nothing brings the human heart and body into more conflict than abuse,” says Dr. Dan Allender in this video, part of our ongoing series engaging topics related to trauma, abuse, and the hope for healing. Dan is joined by his friend and colleague Heather Mirous for a conversation about how our bodies absorb and retain the effects of both past trauma and current stress.

Heather, who contributed to Dan’s book Healing the Wounded Heart and was recently featured on the Allender Center Podcast, shares her own story of learning, after many years of pain and physical symptoms, that her body was carrying the effects of her past abuse. “Being able to bring the story to the science and to the Scripture, and to tie those things together and lean on that tripod of what does science tell us? What does our story tell us? What is God telling us? It was so illuminating.”

These videos are scratching the surface of the deep, weighty, and crucial issues explored in our brand new Healing the Wounded Heart online course, which includes more of Heather’s story along with other individuals who boldly share from their experiences of trauma and restoration. This new online course will invite you to deeper engagement of your stories of harm and your hope for healing. We have been humbled by the process of creating this course and would be honored to have you join us, whether individually, with your spouse, or with a small group. Learn more here.