Healing the Wounded Heart Online Course: A New Offering

This week on The Allender Center Podcast, Dr. Dan Allender shares all about our first online course coming later this fall, a series of nine dynamic sessions offering teaching by Dan, interviews with individuals engaging their stories of past harm, journaling prompts, and more.

The Healing the Wounded Heart course engages the realities of trauma, abuse, and the courageous work of healing and restoration. In some ways this course parallels and intersects with the recent Healing the Wounded Heart book and workbook, offering a chance to engage these themes in new ways and with new depth.

“Teaching will be focused primarily around the issues of our brain and our body, how we metabolize trauma, how we ingest it into our experience of ourselves and what happens in that fragmentation, and as well, how does it play out overall in our relationships?” This content will open the door to discussions of family of origin, covert forms of abuse like pornography, and the nature of evil as it works with shame, dissociation, and addiction.

What does redemption look like, and what does it require?

Instead of simply rote lectures, the online course will include space to personalize the concept by working through exercises and journaling prompts. The sessions will be broken up into short segments, so that the content can be absorbed at a thoughtful pace without interrupting your day-to-day life in the way that a conference or traditional class might. While all of this can be engaged individually, it is our dream to see spouses, friends, or small groups move through this material together.

“This is not just an informational process,” says Dan.“This is really an invitation to a journey asking, will you open your heart humbly to learn to care for those broken parts of your heart, the younger parts of your own heart.”

Dan offers three categories regarding who the Healing the Wounded Heart online course is intended for: those who have endured harm (whether small-t trauma or big-T Trauma); the spouses, friends, and families of those who have endured harm; and professional caregivers and anyone in the helping professions who work to lead others toward restoration.

I am beyond honored to have the privilege to be part of this course. It is certainly our dream for our work to have a kind of expansive engagement with you. […] Please pray for us, and please join us.

You can learn more about this upcoming course and sign up for future announcements about its release here.