Video: Dan Allender on the Role of Trauma in Sexual Exploitation

Dr. Dan Allender was recently featured in a series of videos to promote the vision and mission of Kristy’s House, an Indianapolis-based organization devoted to freeing those enslaved by the bonds of prostitution and commercialized sexual exploitation. Kristy’s House is an intensive mentoring and discipleship ministry that focuses its work through three core categories: relationship, story, and trauma.

A crucial part of the work of Kristy’s House is countering the lies that are often told about sexually exploited women—including the lie that most of those women choose to become involved in prostitution. Strong evidence suggests that the majority of those engaging in prostitution—even those who are not trafficked—have experienced trauma, often in the form of sexual abuse and emotional instability by their caregivers.

In the video below, Dan weighs in on the role of trauma in commercialized sex. What are the stories of past harm, betrayal, and abandonment that mark the individuals our society is so quick to demean?kristyshouse_square

“Virtually all prostituted women began as child prostitutes, and they often came to that place because of a history. Somewhere in the range of 90-95 percent have a history of past sexual abuse. […] The commercialized sex trade industry is primarily feeding off of human trauma.”

Working with survivors of trauma and abuse is at the core of our work at The Allender Center, so we love the work that Kristy’s House is doing to help offer hope and healing. You can learn more about their mission here.