The Allender Center Completes Another Round of The Story Workshop

story workshop

We were so honored to gather with 72 courageous individuals last weekend for The Story Workshop. It is endlessly inspiring for us to join others in wading through the beauty and tragedy of their stories, which can point us toward the goodness of God in the most unexpected ways.

J.R.R. Tolkien coined the term “eucatastrophe” for the moment in which a glimmer of hope is found in seemingly hopeless circumstances. That gets to the heart of story work with The Allender Center. As we wrestle with our experiences of abandonment, abuse, and loss, we turn a corner and find that God is there, waiting for us with the hope of resurrection.

StoryWorkshopDan Allender said it well as he led us last weekend: “The most evil work will be done against your most meaningful experience of love.”

As always, it was a weekend full of grief, celebration, and hard, grueling work—the kind of work that demands a little rest and reflection. So Dan’s taking this week off from The Allender Center Podcast, refueling for the next season of conferences and workshops.

In coming weeks, we’ll share a preview of the upcoming Design of Desire conference on the podcast, and The Allender Center Blog will continue to feature stories and reflections from Dan and Becky Allender and our Teaching Staff.