Watch: Dan Allender in Upcoming “The Heart of Man” Film

Dr. Dan Allender is participating in an upcoming film produced by Unearthed, an organization devoted to naming and combating sexual exploitation. The film, The Heart of Man, is about the collision between sexual brokenness and the relentless love of God, rooted in a deep belief that the renewal of the heart is a necessary step in ending any form of sexual exploitation. The team behind The Heart of Man also created Rape for Profit, a feature-length documentary about the trafficking of underage girls in the Seattle area.

“I am honored to be part of The Heart of Man film,” says Dr. Allender. “In their first film, Rape for Profit, the issue of human trafficking was addressed with sensitivity, honor, and wisdom. The second film focuses on the demand side—why men sexually violate women and use sex not only for lust but for the power to degrade. The internal sexual war in the hearts of men will only be won to the degree that we are brutally honest and beautifully embraced by a deeper passion than lust or anger.”

The Heart of Man, which is scheduled for a limited theatrical release by the end of the year, will feature an interview with Dr. Allender, who is also assisting the production as a creative story consultant. The film engages the story of the prodigal son in a unique, compelling way, inviting men to address and wrestle with their brokenness, shame, and destructive behaviors.

“It isn’t just about the struggle with lust,” Dr. Allender says in the film. “Lust is desire gone mad, so every man, every woman struggles with lust for something that fills something of our emptiness.”

Unearthed recently released a short featurette, which you can view below, to spread the word about the upcoming film. In the video, Dr. Allender reflects on the relentless pursuit of God and shares the idea that it’s not just about saying ‘No’ to lust, rather about saying ‘Yes’ to all of the goodness that God has for us.

Hearts of Men Featurette from Unearthed on Vimeo.