Rejoice & Lament – An Invitation to Advent Joy

“My invitation today is that if those of you who find yourselves in a season where lament feels more true I want to give you permission to know that your lament is heard by God. And to those of you who find yourselves in a profound season of joy I hope you will live into it—and that it will move you to want to bring that to others. Joy is not just about our anticipation of heaven, it is also meant to change us. It is meant to make us want to be about joy on behalf of others.”

The reality of joy is often a difficult one to hold in this season. On today’s podcast we invite you to listen to a sermon given by one of our Teaching Staff, Rachael Anne Clinton, entitled Rejoice & Lament: An Invitation to Advent Joy. Rachael invites us to live into this tension and to consider lament as the sister of joy.