Welcome to The Allender Center Blog

There are many things I never thought I would do in my life. Among them are co-found a graduate school and now write for a blog. If you know me at all then you know that one, running institutions is not my heart’s desire and two, I tend to be, as they say loquacious, verbose, effusive, lavish, expansive, spacious and shall I say redundant. I’ve been told this tendency to speak with many words is ill suited for a medium that is most likely to be accessed on a phone. A medium that is more comfortable with brevity, succinctness – I’ll stop there.

However, God has graciously invited me to join him in connecting people to the gospel and to the stories that God is writing with their lives. The Seattle School and now The Allender Center have enabled me to do this with graduate students, professional therapists, and lay people. I hope this blog will enable me to do this as well.

This blog will also host other writers, especially, The Allender Center teaching staff. It has been a privilege to teach and be taught by these women and men. It will now be my privilege to write alongside them.

You can expect this blog to cover a broad range of topics, as the concerns of The Allender Center are many. My hope is that this blog would encourage people in their daily lives, be a resource for people seeking to be faithful to the gospel, and that it would draw attention to issues of abuse and trauma.