Intimate Mystery Conference

Weave: (verb) to unite in a coherent whole Leave: (verb) to depart or withdraw from Cleave: (verb) to adhere firmly or unwaveringly

Intimate Mystery Conference

With Dr. Dan B. Allender

Join Dr. Dan B. Allender explore God’s design for marriage through the matrix of Genesis 2:24 (weave, leave, cleave). The Intimate Mystery Conference will allow you to candidly engage the inherent joys and struggles of marriage through the categories of communication, conflict, dreams and demands, family ties, forgiveness, and sex. Be moved toward deeper intimacy as you encounter the character and purposes of God revealed through the complexities of your marriage relationship.

My wife and I believe this to be the best marriage conference we’ve ever attended in 35 years of marriage and “Christian” effort to do it right. It is serving to bring us hope through the reality of life and not the empty promises of how to do it better, try harder, or be more faithful.

The conference content is highly applicable to those single, engaged, married, divorced or widowed; those who want to engage Scripture in a provocative, meaningful way; those who desire a deeper faith and deeper relationships with others and God.

Upcoming Dates for the Intimate Mystery Conference:

October 3-4, 2014 at Eastlake Community Church
Seattle, WA Info & Registration

November 7-8, 2014 at The Abbey Resort
Fontana, WI Info & Registration

The Abbey Resort is located on Lake Geneva, 1 hour north of the Chicago metro area and 1 hour south of Madison and Milwaukee, WI

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The words Dan spoke were truly novel to me and touched my heart. It opened my eyes to issues in my own life and marriage that I wasn’t even aware of. Because of that new awareness my husband and I were able to discuss the issues and move into a new level of intimacy.

I am single and have never been married. I feel like hearing this information now is so helpful. It will help me as I work through my story and it will also change the way I’m dating.

+What is the difference between the Intimate Mystery Conference and The Marriage Workshop?

  • The Intimate Mystery Conference includes corporate teaching time with Dr. Allender. It is appropriate for all couples and singles who are desiring to learn more about building strong intimacy and health in relationships.
  • The Marriage Workshop is a 3-4 day, in-depth interactive experience that expounds on Dr. Allender’s teaching through facilitated small group and private couples sessions. The workshop is limited to 20-30 married couples and is designed to address the desire to know one another more fully and/or to break through long-standing areas of tension or disconnection.